Town Notices

Town Office Staff

Administrative Staff

Chief Administrative Officer

Darlene Berthier Sampson,CIA, CPA, CGA
Tel: (902) 747-2243 or Cell (902) 302-4264

Administrative Assistant

Debbie King
Tel: (902) 747-2243

Municipal Accounts Coordinator

Kathy Hearn
Tel: (902) 747-2243

Recreation Staff

Recreation and Physical Activity Coordinator

Heather Brennan
Tel: (902) 302-0736

Public Works Staff

Supevisor, Public Works

Tom Isaacs

Tel: (902) 747-2243
Cell: (902) 631-0470

Public Works Lead Hand

Matthew Tibbo
Cell: (902)631-0471

Water Utility Staff

Water Treatment Plant

Andrew Durling, Tel: (902) 747-2616 



Sustainability Office

What is sustainability?

"Forms of progress that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

World Commission on Environment and Development

The Town of Mulgrave has completed its Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP). The implementation of this plan is a requirement by municipalities under the agreement with the province of Nova Scotia and the federal government, to transfer funds equivalent to a portion of the federal excise tax on gasoline to municipalities. The Federal Gas Tax Agreement allows provinces to use a portion of their Gas Tax Funds to develop increased local capacity, including community-based planning.

The ICSP is a forward-looking planning document for the community. The ICSP recognized the interconnected dimensions of environmental, social, cultural, and economic development within a community and focuses on integrating these considerations to achieve 20 to 30 years (and beyond) vision for the community. ICSP aims to empower communities to address their current and future needs, embedding their infrastructure requirements within these broader strategies.

Sustainability Office Documents

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Mayor and Town Council

Town Address

459 Murray Street Mulgrave NS, B0E 2G0
Phone: (902) 747-2243

Mayor Ron Chisholm

P.O. Box 192
Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
B0E 2G0

Deputy Mayor Tanya Snow-Keeling

P.O. Box 227
Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
B0E 2G0
(902) 623-1473  

Councillor Krista Luddington

PO Box 410
Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
B0E 2G0
(902) 951-1011

Councillor Robert Russell

P.O. Box 165
Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
B0E 2G0
(902) 747-2259

Councillor Crystal Durling

P.O. Box 
Mulgrave, N.S.